Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Passing on the SLOW races to another organization

 Tonight we held a meeting to discuss the possibility of passing on the club to another group of individuals.  Here is the meeting and what was discussed:

In summary,  it seems the best solution is to attempt to pass on some aspects of SLOW to Utah Masters, depending on what the Utah LMSC Board agrees to.  There was some valid concerns about the race being sponsored by Masters in that it doesn't allow for youth (swimmers under the age of 18) from participating.  We tried a while ago to do a double sanction to include youth by getting a sanction with USA Swimming, but I don't recall where that ended up.  Bottom line is that it takes a lot of effort to pull of an event and it really does take a tribe of people.  Even a handful of people is not enough, at least on a long-term basis.  

For anyone who wants to help participate in the continuation of these races please reach out to the Utah Masters board member who attended the meeting:  Joe Linford -

If and when the decision is agreed upon, the many documents and resources can be shared with that organization, so it doesn't need to be recreated from scratch.  

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Justin Lindsey's Deer Creek 10 mile individual swim

Ok I did it! I swam the last leg of the triple crown the Deer Creek 10mile.  Unfortunately, my garmin lost gps so I am sending GPS of the follow boat which was a ski boat so it hung out to protect me but didn’t follow all the way to the end for example

Anyway sending the boats Strava, my garmin 2k splits (for some annoying reason it converts to yards in the app) and a few pictures.

Total meters 16,734 and it took 6hr 56 mins and 25 seconds dry land to dry land.

Anyway thanks for putting this together it was a good experience to push myself.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Seth Horowitz' Bear Lake Width Crossing - and UTC completion

 Start time: 7:55 End time: 12:00

Total Elapsed time 4 hours 5 Minutes 
Unassisted/no wetsuit

Here is link to Garmin GPS log: Check out my open water swimming activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Seth Horowitz' Deer Creek 10 mile swim report

Hi Guys, 
See attached GPS and let me know if you need any more info.. Record whichever time you prefer:
I will be on vacation  out of state the week of Deer Creek marathon Swim, so I self certified the Deer Creek 10 miler this past weekend.  I guess I overshot the turn around point because my end distance was 19.483 K which is closer to 12 miles. Better safe than sorry. It was a really satisfying day.   My arms were trashed by the end.  So kudos to those of you who swim 2x or 3x the duration and distance. 

Here are my stats with some guestimation for the 10 Mile mark if you prefer that.
Unnassisted: No wetsuit just a safety buoy in tow  

Total GPS activity record (including 15 minutes, Kid drift and swim at end) 
Date: 7/19
Start time: 7:33am
End time: 2:30 
Total Elapsed time 6 hr 57 Minutes (including drifting and playing with kids after I called it, forgot to stop watch.

Adjusted 12 miles Swim (Without kid drift and swim See Split 1):
Start time: 7:33
Adjusted End time: 2:19 PM
Adjusted Elapsed time: 6 hr 46 min
Adjusted total distance: 19.294 K

Estimated 10 mile times:
Start time 7:33
Adjusted End time: 1:18 PM
Adjusted Elapsed time: 5 hours 45 minutes (estimated)
Adjusted distance: 16.1 K

Here is the link to the Garmin GPS activity: 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Seth Horowitz Great Salt Lake 10K Swim

Facebook Post

Swimmer Name: Seth Horowitz

Start time : 7:15 AM, Fri 29 May 2020
End Time:. 11:05:47 AM 
Elapsed time to and from Silver Sands Beach:  3:50:47
Garmin recorded Distance: 10.87 K including shallow water walking enter and exit on beach.
No Wetsuit
Dragged a safety buoy

Here is the Garmin link

Seth is the 37th person to log a 10K at the GSL Marina, and probably the only 10K swimmer for 2020 given the race was cancelled this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Salt Lake Open Water Endless Pool


Is your pool closed down?  Are you nervous about corona virus and social distancing?  Here's your way to keep in swimming shape without resorting to cold open water swimming while it's still in the sub 50's.

Anyone who is a current member of Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW), will have access to swim in Gords' Endless pool located at: 

This is a "swim at your own risk" deal with no lifeguard on duty. You will need to sign a liability waiver prior to your first swim.

Membership to SLOW is $25 per year for an individual, or $50/yr for a family.  Register here

Membership includes a 10% discount to Utah Open Water Swim races:

Endless Pool

If you haven't seen or used an endless pool before the advantages are:
  • no flipturns necessary.
  • You can swim at night with ambient lighting above and below the surface. 
  • A personalized workout that you can configure and once you hit start, off you go, the display automatically keeps you on track with the swim current that matches your workout.
  • Full length stainless steel mirror on the bottom so you can see your own stroke quality in real-time.
  • The water temp is going to be cool enough (75f) for you to swim hard without overheating. No battle with the aquatics director/water aerobics ladies.
  • Greater privacy, and less likely to hang on to a wall and gab with mates.
  • Hot tub use after your workout if you wish.

Create your own Endless Pool Workout now

You can download the free app and setup your own workout now on your phone:


On your first visit, Gords will introduce you to the pool and help get you setup and you are free to do your own thing, or get help compiling a workout, whatever you're looking for.

Questions or interested in getting setup for your visits? Text 801-784-0502