Monday, August 12, 2019

Chad Starks' NYC Circumnavigation

AKA 20 bridges, or MIMS.
On Saturday, August 17th at approximately 7am Eastern, Chad Starks will swim counter clockwise around Manhattan Island (28.5 miles)

This will be the final leg in Chad's Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Gords will be doing facebook live video posts every once in a while at that time.

Time taken to swim: 9:14:56
Way to go Chad!

His tracker will be live at that time and you can watch him here:

Good luck Chad!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rob Lea becomes the 7th Utah swimmer to cross the English Channel

Congratulations to Rob Lea on his English Channel swim today in 11:46 escorted by CS&PF pilot, Paul Foreman.

photo credit: Caroline Gleich facebook page.
Conditions for his swim were ideal as the water was calm and above 60 degrees temperature.  He reportedly got hit by a few jellyfish, but he was undeterred and made it to France. 

His swim is especially impressive with the fact that he recently completed an Everest summit less than 2 months ago, and plans to bike across the continental US in September.  He is reportedly the first person to summit Everest and swim the English Channel in the same year.  Wow!  Congratulations to Rob and his crew. Brilliant swim!

Good luck in your cross country bike ride.  This is a historical event.

Friday, August 31, 2018

One Year ago a historical event occurred

Several years ago, Goody Tyler had a vision of swimming the Utah Triple Crown in a staged event under 24 hours.  Well one year ago, he did it!  In celebration of this, we are finally posting some details of it.  Check out this link:

In my opinion (Gords), taking an ultra-marathon swim of this distance and doing it in stages like this, is probably tougher than doing it all at once.  It gives the shoulders a chance to let the lactic acid sit there during the breaks and starting back up can be more painful than if the swim was continuous.

The physical and mental discipline to accomplish a swim like this is superhuman!

Congratulations Goody!

Video Highlights:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 SLOW Awards Dinner

It's time for the annual SLOW awards dinner.  We have had a great year and saw many swimmers accomplish their goals and do great things.

The dinner will be at the South Davis Recreation Center on December 30th at 6pm.  It will be a pot luck dinner, so please bring something to share.  We will be watching a year-in-review video and handing out awards for Utah Triple Crown, Mini Triple Crown, and Bear Lake crossing swimmers.

Please RSVP through the Google Sheet or the Facebook event page and let us know how many people are coming and what food item you plan to bring.

The list of Utah Triple Crown and Mini Triple Crown swimmers for 2016 is:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Utah Triple Crown Swimmers

The final list of 2016 Utah Triple Crown Swimmers has been compiled for this year.

We have a new unassisted record for the Utah Triple Crown.  With a combined total time of 9:26:15, Kurt Dickson dethroned Will Reeves' record of 9:54:11.

Congratulations to all swimmers!

Kevin Colleran
Trevor Connors
Kurt Dickson
Elliot Person (Assisted)
Jason Coyle
Rebecca Gailey
Aaron Norton
Cameron Crockett
Greg Mockett

All records for the Utah Triple Crown are maintained in Openwaterpedia

The tentative date for the 2016 year-end awards banquet will be Wednesday, December 28th 6-8pm at the South Davis Recreation Center.  Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates!

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Swim camp

2016 Salt Lake Open Water Swim Camp

This year Chad Starks is organizing this year's swim camp.  He will be hosting us at his family cabin, near Fruitland, UT (near Starvation Reservoir and Strawberry Reservoirs)

Location of camp:  Chad Starks cabin.  Here is the gps location.
Head to Heber Utah. Once you get there keep going on HWY 40 towards Duchesne Utah. You will go past Strawberry. Keep going on HWY 40. if you blink past Strawberry you will pass a town called Current Creek keep going. Then over the hill a little bit further is a town called Fruitland. Don't stop you are almost there.
Start watching the mile posts. When you get to mile post 68 you need to start looking to your right. The dirt road is directly across from the Taboina turnoff turn the opposite direction on the dirt road called bunkhouse road then turn an immediate left and follow that road and you will run into the cabin. Any questions call 801.201.8880 Total time from the Salt Lake area is about 1.5 hours
Cost: Free for 2016 SLOW club members, $15 for non-members.  Cost goes to help the SLOW club maintain supporting swimmers in Utah.

If you're not a 2016 club member, please consider full membership, otherwise pay for this one event online:


Please RSVP page using this page.


Friday, July 22nd
5 pm Camp setup
7 pm Potluck dinner
   while you eat...  Annual SLOW club meeting.  Financial review, event planning, club leadership organization and ratification.
9 pm - Optional night swim at Starvation State park.

Saturday, July 23rd

7am - 9am - breakfast (bring your own)
10am - swim at Starvation Reservoir.

Sunday, July 24th


Please RSVP here (please provide your planned arrival date/time) so we can plan for how much food to provide.  This is a camp, so you will need to bring your traditional outdoor camping gear.  There are indoor restroom facilities.  While the cabin will be open to everyone for various activities, the bedrooms will not be available.  There are too many people and too much work to cleanup if we open it up for sleeping inside overnight.


This event is an at your own risk activity.  No supplemental insurance is being purchased to cover any accidents that might occur while participating in this activity.  You are responsible for your own safety and by participating in this activity in any way, you assume this risk.  Salt Lake Open Water club, or its leadership will not be held liable for any incidents, damages that might occur, even if deemed negligent.  You assume your own responsibility much the same way you would if you were swimming/camping alone or in a group that is not officially organized.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why employers want to hire marathon swimmers

Employers love workers with attributes that make the company profitable.  Many of these attributes are likely to be held by not only marathon swimmers but any athlete that puts a significant amount of time and effort into their sport:

  • Dedication/Commitment

Athletes know that it takes commitment to do hard things.  They don’t give up.  Not succumbing to laziness is an attribute that employers value.

  • Handles stress/failure well

Ever see a child throw a tantrum when they need a nap, or don’t get their way?  It’s amazing how often similar behavior can be observed in adults as well.  Many athletes know what it is like to fail.  The act of failing can be considered a good thing if something is learned from it, and then behavior is modified to achieve a different result.  That’s the scientific method.  

  • Time management

Many jobs require objectives to be met while following a timeline.  This takes prioritization, goal setting and multitasking.  All skills that are developed while following a training program.  

  • Mentally focussed

Speaking from personal experience, as well as reported studies on the topic.  Exercise reduces stress, and helps brain function.  Creativity can be improved when an employee is sharp.  In my experience, It’s ironic that failure to exercise, can actually increase fatigue in the work-place.  But after a good workout, I feel energized and ready to have a kick-butt day.  

So get out there, have a great workout!  Then keep that momentum going throughout your day.  You just might get that pay raise as well!