Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) offers two membership options with varying benefits.  Some swimmers (especially open water swimmers who also participate in pool events) will likely choose both membership options.  Both options are detailed below:

SLOW Membership
Cost: $25 per year (Individual), $50 per year (Family)
SLOW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Membership fees are tax deductible.

This membership option is independent of the USMS club and all membership dues will go directly to the SLOW club to help promote the sport and grow the club.

Some membership benefits include:
  • Unique membership number that will also be used as your race number at open water events (Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, and Deer Creek)
  • SLOW swim cap ($5 value)
  • Brine shrimp keychain ($8 value)
  • 20% off registration fees for SLOW sponsored open water events in Utah (Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim, Bear Lake Monster Swim, Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim) (Value varies depending on the distance)
  • Use of the SPOT GPS tracker for live tracking of swims
  • Access to the SLOW Lending Library
  • Participation in club only swims (including nights swims, Tour of Lakes, etc)
  • Participation in club social events and contests
  • Regular coached open water workouts
  • 10% Discount at Pool N Patio, Salt Lake's classic swim shop
  • Use of the SLOW kayak (stored at the Great Salt Lake Marina)
  • Annual awards banquet
To register for 2019, use the payment form below. Following payment, you will receive an email requesting contact information.


2019 Annual Membership
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Cost: $51 annually

Simply select SLOW as your club when you register or renew your USMS membership.
This option allows you to swim under the SLOW club at all USMS sanctioned events (open water, pool, postal).  Being a member of the SLOW USMS club is also important if you plan to swim on any relay teams at meets.  Also, if you choose to participate in Go The Distance, your miles will be added to the SLOW club.

This membership includes all the regular benefits of USMS membership including:
  • Subscription to SWIMMER magazine
  • Insurance coverage
  • Newsletters
  • Online Fitness Log
  • Sponsor discounts
A large portion ($43) of the annual membership cost goes to the national USMS office and a smaller portion ($8) goes to the Utah Masters LMSC. SLOW does not receive any of the annual membership fee.