Monday, October 6, 2014

New Membership Option for 2015

In the past, SLOW has been strictly a USMS club. Starting now, SLOW will be offering another membership option. The USMS club will continue, but will be strictly for USMS events and will not include many of the benefits listed below.

The new membership option is available for individuals and families and will include the following benefits:
  • Unique membership number that will also be used as your race number at open water events (Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, and Deer Creek)
  • SLOW swim cap ($5 value)
  • Brine shrimp keychain ($8 value)
  • 20% off registration fees for SLOW sponsored open water events in Utah (Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon SwimBear Lake Monster SwimDeer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim($25 - $48 value depending on the distance)
  • Use of the SPOT GPS tracker for live tracking of swims
  • Access to the SLOW Lending Library
  • Participation in club-only swims (including nights swims, Tour of Lakes, etc)
  • Participation is club social events and contests
  • Regular coached open water workouts
  • 10% Discount at Pool N Patio, Salt Lake's classic swim shop
  • Use of the SLOW kayak (stored at the Great Salt Lake Marina)
  • Annual awards banquet in December
This new membership option was created to keep membership dues within the club for club development, purchase and maintenance of club equipment, etc. In addition, this new option will allow swimmers under 18 to participate with us.

For more details on both membership options, please click on the "Membership" tab.