Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chad's English Channel Swim Contest

Marathon swimming takes a good deal of mental toughness.  When things get hard, it helps to have some encouragement from others.  This is where you come in.  Your participation in this contest will provide that encouragement.  No purchase is necessary and you will not be added to any annoying email list.  Simply fill out the form below and if your projected completion time is the closest to the official actual time, you win:

$100 Gift card to Swimoutlet.com

Contest Rules:  Only one entry per household.  Submissions are free.  If Chad's swim is aborted for any reason, the contest will be void.  Submissions will close the moment he starts his swim.

Where: English Channel (England to France) 22 miles
When: Tidal window September 19 - 25th, 2015
Swimmer: Chad Starks
Pilot: Paul Foreman (CS&PF)
Coach: Gordon Gridley
Swim Rules: CS&PF rules - basically no wetsuit, wearing only a speedo, cap, goggles, start on the beach in England and swim to France ending clear of the water without touching the boat.  More on the widely accepted marathon swimming rules.  The rules will be enforced.

Want to base your time submission on something more than a blind guess?  Here are some recent stats:

2015 marathon distance swim times (following the EC swim rules):
2014 marathon distance swim times times:
Check out his English Channel Qualifying swim

His "Spot" page
(Available in September)
Be sure to stay informed on facebook on his exact swim date.  Starting Saturday, Sept. 19th