Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why employers want to hire marathon swimmers

Employers love workers with attributes that make the company profitable.  Many of these attributes are likely to be held by not only marathon swimmers but any athlete that puts a significant amount of time and effort into their sport:

  • Dedication/Commitment

Athletes know that it takes commitment to do hard things.  They don’t give up.  Not succumbing to laziness is an attribute that employers value.

  • Handles stress/failure well

Ever see a child throw a tantrum when they need a nap, or don’t get their way?  It’s amazing how often similar behavior can be observed in adults as well.  Many athletes know what it is like to fail.  The act of failing can be considered a good thing if something is learned from it, and then behavior is modified to achieve a different result.  That’s the scientific method.  

  • Time management

Many jobs require objectives to be met while following a timeline.  This takes prioritization, goal setting and multitasking.  All skills that are developed while following a training program.  

  • Mentally focussed

Speaking from personal experience, as well as reported studies on the topic.  Exercise reduces stress, and helps brain function.  Creativity can be improved when an employee is sharp.  In my experience, It’s ironic that failure to exercise, can actually increase fatigue in the work-place.  But after a good workout, I feel energized and ready to have a kick-butt day.  

So get out there, have a great workout!  Then keep that momentum going throughout your day.  You just might get that pay raise as well!