Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rob Lea becomes the 7th Utah swimmer to cross the English Channel

Congratulations to Rob Lea on his English Channel swim today in 11:46 escorted by CS&PF pilot, Paul Foreman.

photo credit: Caroline Gleich facebook page.
Conditions for his swim were ideal as the water was calm and above 60 degrees temperature.  He reportedly got hit by a few jellyfish, but he was undeterred and made it to France. 

His swim is especially impressive with the fact that he recently completed an Everest summit less than 2 months ago, and plans to bike across the continental US in September.  He is reportedly the first person to summit Everest and swim the English Channel in the same year.  Wow!  Congratulations to Rob and his crew. Brilliant swim!

Good luck in your cross country bike ride.  This is a historical event.