Salt Lake Open Water Database

We have a publicly accessible open water database that just went live.  This comprehensive database contains records of:

  • All swims completed at Salt Lake Open Water Sanctioned Events
  • Properly documented independent swims within Utah, that include documentation to support the validity of the swims.  
  • All open water organization sanctioned marathon swims performed outside of Utah, swam by Utah swimmers.  For example, all swims at Lake Tahoe, Catalina, English Channel, and New York (20 bridges, MIMS) that were completed by a Utah-based swimmer.
Check out the database at:

There is no need to login, you can browse the database as a guest user.  

Submitting Independently Performed Swims

Most swims in the database are performed at a SLOW event or validated by another sanctioning organization. If you want to submit a swim independently it is your responsibility to ensure the swim is performed with proper safety protocols, and the submission is properly documented along with providing significant details to allow for a third party to be satisfied on the validity of the swim. We have previously found some swims lacked certain details, and those submissions are marked as "Estimated".

If you have a swim completion to report please email: and include:

  1. Full Name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of swim
  4. Route of the swim including GPS tracking.
  5. Documentation - URL link to details with pictures/video of the swim
  6. Whether the swim was assisted or not (wetsuit, fins, hand paddles, mp3 audio, electronically course assisting goggles are examples of "assistance").
Doing an independent swim without documentation, or just reporting "I swam it in about 3 and 1/2 hours", is not sufficient.