Utah Superstar Swims

  1. To be included on the list, the swimmer must be a resident of Utah at the time the swim was performed.
  2. The swim must be performed in open water with a distance of 20km(12.4 miles) or more (except for ice mile).
  3. The swim must be done according to the responsible federation's rules (if applicable), or following traditional marathon swimming rules (no wetsuit) and being observed and documented sufficiently.
English Channel (21 miles):
Catalina Channel (21 miles):
MIMS/20 Bridges (Manhattan Island Circumnavigation) - 28.5 miles):
Triple Crowners (Completed all three of the above swims):
Utah Lake Length (22 miles)
Lake Tahoe Length (21 miles): 
Great Salt Lake Black Rock to White Rock Bay (20.5 miles):

Bear Lake Length (19 miles):
Bear Lake Double Width (12.5 miles):

Anacapa Channel (12.4 miles):

Ice Mile (1 mile in open water under 42°F)

If you have completed a swim that is not listed here please send an email to coach@saltlakeopenwater.com providing detailed documentation of your swim.  If you have no pictures or documentation, the last resort is to fill out this affidavit, print it and get signed by a notary public.