Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Passing on the SLOW races to another organization

 Tonight we held a meeting to discuss the possibility of passing on the club to another group of individuals.  Here is the meeting and what was discussed:

In summary,  it seems the best solution is to attempt to pass on some aspects of SLOW to Utah Masters, depending on what the Utah LMSC Board agrees to.  There was some valid concerns about the race being sponsored by Masters in that it doesn't allow for youth (swimmers under the age of 18) from participating.  We tried a while ago to do a double sanction to include youth by getting a sanction with USA Swimming, but I don't recall where that ended up.  Bottom line is that it takes a lot of effort to pull of an event and it really does take a tribe of people.  Even a handful of people is not enough, at least on a long-term basis.  

For anyone who wants to help participate in the continuation of these races please reach out to the Utah Masters board member who attended the meeting:  Joe Linford -

If and when the decision is agreed upon, the many documents and resources can be shared with that organization, so it doesn't need to be recreated from scratch.